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Omnisend, Acuity Scheduling, Bold Product Options

The Brand

Crown Nine crafts heirloom jewelry utilizing responsibly sourced and ethical materials. They create timeless jewelry that can be passed down for generations.

Free State has had the honor of working with Crown Nine (and its founder, goldsmith Kate Ellen) since 2016.

Our Solutions

As the Crown Nine brand has evolved, so too has their reliance on the flexibility of the Shopify platform. Since the majority of Crown Nine's beautiful jewelry pieces are bespoke, it is imperative that their platform can do more than sell out-of-the box items.

During Crown Nine's rebranding, Free State consulted with the client to ensure that the new storefront would match the new brand aesthetic and be able to support both bespoke and traditional items, while still being easy to use.

Ready for the future

With a new site tailored to the needs of the Crown Nine team, they are now able to chart their own future with the ability to sell both bespoke and traditional ready-to-wear jewelry, while easily managing the site and its content.

As part of the latest work with Crown Nine, our team created unique content blocks, consultation scheduling, a tailored product options system & gemstone color selector through custom code and third-party apps.

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