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The Brand

Teddy Fresh is an immensely popular streetwear brand and the brainchild of Hila Klein. The “colorful and playful clothing” for teens and adults has seen rapid growth as they continue to push the boundaries with their product.

Free State was excited to partner on relaunching their Shopify store, and to help create solutions tailored to their specific front-end and operational needs.

Our Solutions

Teddy Fresh needed an updated site that was focused on delivering a clean, fast, and mobile friendly shopping experience that supported their dynamic marketing.

Free State worked with the Teddy Fresh team to launch a new site that is optimized for high volume traffic and also constantly evolving to accommodate new collaborations. We also oversaw their transition to Shopify Plus and provide ongoing catalog and Shopify workflow support.

The Power of Shopify

With an audience ready to descend on the site in droves for every product launch you can’t afford a site that loads slowly, or not at all. Shopify’s ability to accommodate traffic surging to tens of thousands of visitors along with a front-end focused on speed and frictionless shopping allow Teddy Fresh to focus on what’s important.

Free State worked with Teddy Fresh to build a site that allows for easy day-to-day management so we can focus on exciting solutions that support their new initiatives and technical consulting to further streamline operations.

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